0226 - Try everything! Be bad at most things. - 2022.01.31



I like "detective work". Depending on how flexible your definitions are, a lot of modern adventures fall under that category. (In particular, in a world where public trust of the police is at an all-time low, a fantasy that some nice, smart, competent person is independently investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice can be quite appealing.)

Of course, Zoa going to hang out in Caleb's apartment isn't a crime, and this little adventure is entirely unnecessary if Lee actually had any street-savvy or common sense, but it kinda feels like a detective story, doesn't it?

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0226 - 2167/07/06/17:15 - fifth floor hallway, exiting elevator
D254: Elevator logs say this car went from the twenty-third floor to the fifth floor at approximately four fifty-two PM, local time. Chemical trace confirmed, Zoa got off here, along with the human with the adrenaline spike and the Precious Elements bodywash.
LC: There was a human with it?
D254: Affirmative. I cannot divulge personally identifiable information about that human, but chemical traces are considered public, just like seeing someone's footprints would be.
LC: Ah, fuck. Was this human tall? Stand-uppy brush cut? White tank top, tattoo of a crosshairs on one arm?
D254: I can neither confirm nor deny-
LC: Fuck, Zoa's with Caleb. Of course it's with Caleb. Caleb jumped down from the fifth floor, this is the fifth floor, why wouldn't it be with Caleb?
Travis' robot (human voice): Ohhh, drama. Is that your ex? Your ex steal your favourite sexbot?
Travis' robot: This unit reminds you that it is not transmitting anyone's personally identifiable information to its human operator, but advises you to refrain from divulging-
LC: No, no, they're not my ex. They're... a friend. Or they were. Or I thought they were. It's weird.
Liz: Well, If your ex-friend just wants robot blowjobs, I'd be happy to swap in for Zoa. My customer satisfaction score is two points higher than Zoa's, and if you're giving me fifty creds, that'd make up the difference between our price points.
D254: Wait, I thought the three of us were splitting the fifty creds. We wouldn't have gotten this far without my chemical sensors and elevator logs!
Travis' robot: This unit was under the impression that we were getting fifty creds each, regardless of our specific function in this operation.
Travis' robot (human voice): Yeah, fifty each, biatch!
LC: Wow, I've invented a new activity to be profoundly bad at, yay me.