0227 - Social interaction - 2022.02.07



They could have three dicks. You don't know.


0227 - 2167/07/06/17:16 - fifth floor hallway
LC: Okay. Okay. Um. Okay.
LC: Y'know what? I'll stay here. I'll be around the corner, as a matter of fact.
LC: And I will pay the three of you a hundred creds each if you can get Zoa out of Caleb's apartment without alerting Caleb to my presence. I do not want to interact with Caleb if I can avoid it, and I'm sure they don't want to interact with me.
Travis' robot (human voice): Ooh, stealth mission! Social deception!
Liz: I am not able to knowingly participate in deception of any sort.
LC: Nobody has to deceive anybody. Just... just get Zoa out here to talk to me without mentioning that I'm the one who requested it. That shouldn't be hard.
D254: ...Social interaction is not my strongest ability, so I would like to opt out and be paid the original fifty creds now, please.
Travis' robot (human voice): No no no, lil powertool guy, I've got a plan. I've got a plan. We need all three of us to make it work.
Travis' robot: This unit feels it must inform all of you that Travis is under mild influence of at least one recreational narcotic at this time.
Travis' robot (human voice): Fuckin' narc. Narcbot.
LC: It's... It's okay. What's your plan, Travis?
Travis' robot (human voice): Um... all three of us blow your ex-friend, and you steal your sexbot back while they're distracted.
D254: I can do that, yes.
Liz: I like this plan.
LC: Uh... is it personally identifiable information if I mention that I'm reasonably certain Caleb doesn't have three dicks?