0228 - Hunch - 2022.02.14



I love a good hunch, don't you?


0228 - 2167/07/06/17:17 - fifth floor hallway
LC: Okay... Liz. You said you can detect Zoa's hair movements through walls. I don't actually know which apartment is Caleb's. Can you see which door Zoa is behind?
Liz: I am registering the EM bleedoff of piezoelectric fibers within fifteen meters of us that would be consistent with Zoa's wig, yes. I cannot confirm or deny if Zoa is currently in any specific apartment. That would be an invasion of privacy.
D254: The chemical trace fades out over time, but I don't think it goes further than about... here.
LC (pointing): Okay, Liz, can you tell me if Zoa is in this specific direction?
Liz: That direction points exclusively at the area contained within apartment number five-oh-four. I can neither confirm nor deny if Zoa is in five-oh-four.
Travis' robot (human voice): Is it in five-oh-three?
Liz: No.
LC: Okay, Liz... is Zoa in five-oh-one through five-oh-three or five-oh-five through five-twelve?
Liz: No.
LC: How about the supply closets and access passageways on this floor? How about floor four or floor six?
Liz: No.
LC: Is it in five-oh-four?
Liz: I can neither confirm nor deny whether Zoa is in five-oh-four.
LC: Sweet, got it, thanks.
Liz: I don't know why you're thanking me, Lee, I have failed to pinpoint Zoa's location for you.
LC: And that is true, so no one needs to get in any trouble. Let's just say that I know Zoa is in here because I have a hunch, an ineffable human ability I possess that you, as an AI, can never understand or calculate.
Liz: Works for me.