0232 - First contact with the enemy - 2022.03.14



Yes, that rug was there when Zoa walked into the room. Yes, Zoa saw that rug when it said "I will not intentionally touch any solid object other than the floor or floor coverings". Yes, Zoa knelt down at the edge of the rug on purpose. No, Zoa did not know that Nina was coming. It just pays to be prepared, that's all.


0232 - 2167/07/06/17:21 - fifth floor hallway
CP (opening door): Hello?
Travis' robot: Hello. This unit has information indicating that a general-purpose automaton designated by the human-readable name "Zoa" is present. Can you confirm?
CP: Uh... yeah, yeah, Zoa's here.
Travis' robot: Excellent. May this unit enter your domicile in order to interact with Zoa?
CP: I... guess so?
Travis' robot (entering): Thank you very much. The interaction will be brief.
[Caleb's apartment, Travis' robot is entering]
Zoa: Nina. What a sensation to see you again. To what do I owe this interaction?
Travis' robot (human voice): "Nina"? Who the hell is Nina?
Zoa: Oh, let me guess - is some low-class crew of drunken dipshits taking your pasty ass for a joyride?
Travis' robot (human voice): Whoa. That's... that level of disrespect has gotta be some sort of malfunction, right?
CP: Wh-wh-what's g-going o-
Zoa: I told you the last time I saw you that all this block is mine. Do I have to beat your ass again to make you understand?
Travis' robot (human voice): Okay, that was a threat. We can agree that that was a threat?
Travis' robot (human voice): Fuck that skank up, Travis!
[Zoa tosses Caleb's rug over Nina's head]
Travis' robot (human voice): Ghah! Kill it! Kill it!
CP: What the hell?
Zoa (attempting to punch Nina in the head through the rug): Hey, you agreed that I'm allowed to touch floor coverings, you never specified that they had to stay on the floor!