0235 - Mission complete. - 2022.04.04



Lee Caldavera, as we have seen, can be very easily influenced to have strong, immediate emotional reactions to things. This makes sense when you consider that, for the past few years, the closest thing they've had to a "job" has been to watch popular media and rate, out of five stars, how it made them feel. Lee is very in touch with their feelings, and considers them to be important and worthy of note, but is receptive to having them be manipulated as much as possible.

It is also worth noting that all of the events of Forward to date have, arguably, been the first important things to have happened directly to Lee in years. They don't follow politics, they don't know about world events... their gauge of what is and is not significant - to others, or to themself - may have atrophied.

Anyway, yes, Zoa's fine. Obviously. We shall see if it remains fine in the coming strips, as Lee reacts, emotionally, to this fact.


0235 - 2167/07/06/17:24 - fifth floor hallway
LC (kneeling, cradling Zoa's headless body): No. No no no no no...
Liz: Uh... if it's not too much trouble, I would also like my hundred creds, please.
D254: Me too.
LC: I just... yeah, I... take it.
Liz: Thanks.
D254: Sorry about your Mommy.
CP: Lee? What the f- ... what the h-hell was-
LC: It's... it's all my fault. All of it is all my fault.
CP: Lee, I don't... I don't th-think tha-
LC: I don't know what to do now. I... I literally don't have anyone. I'm... I'm alone. What the hell do I do?
Zoa (sitting up): Ahh, okay, they're out of range now.
LC: Gyaah!