0241 - A friend by your side - 2022.05.16



Orb and Bastacia have a very healthy relationship.

I should probably mention the gauntlet things, huh? Yes, those are kinda like wedding rings, it's a Martian tradition from early in the colonies' development. Orb and Bas' versions are synthetic, rather than being made from each other's cultivated tissue, but they still feel completely natural and don't impede movement or sensitivity.

While I'm worldbuilding, yes, Bastacia Marron's "tattoos" weren't made with a needle like Caleb's, they just have green skin cells there. It hurt less to apply, and it's less susceptible to fading over time. Their nails are painted, though - they could have gone with "naturally" green fingernails, but they like changing up the colour more quickly than growing new nailbeds from stem cells would take. Yes, obviously, the glasses are cosmetic too.


0241 - 2167/07/06/18:04 - Orb Twofeather and Bastacia Marron's home, dining room
BM: So what's new with the students this year?
OT: Mm. Tails are getting more popular.
BM: Ooh. Fluffy or prehensile?
OT: Yes.
BM: Did you do your "oops, you're in the wrong class" routine this year?
OT: Only in three classes, and I got called out in one before I could spring the reveal.
BM: Ah, one of your students was particularly on the ball?
OT: Not a student, actually. It was a sexbot - well, technically, a general purpose automaton, but it was equipped like a sexbot. One of the students brought it in as their emotional support aid.
BM: Nice to have a friend by your side, I suppose.
OT: Yeah, that one's a complicated situation. Masturbatory aids are typically not permitted in my class, you see. Certainly not ones that talk.
BM: But general purpose robots are.
OT: Well, yeah, we wouldn't have custodians otherwise.
BM: Are teachers allowed to have emotional support aids as well?
OT: Of course. Why?
BM: I'm just thinking that maybe this kid's onto something. If I could use a sexbot to remote in with you, I think I could be very emotionally supportive...