0245 - In which Ziggy says "hi". - 2022.06.13



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0245 - 2167/07/06/18:47 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Doc (hovering): Lee, given your recent setbacks, the last fucking thing you need is to be spending extra fucking money on frivolous peripherals for your fucking therapist.
LC: I'm... I'm sorry.
Zoa: Hoo boy, maybe don't mention how many creds you dropped just to come get me...
Doc: ...What?
Zoa: I mean, if it helps, I let Lee piggy-back their peripheral order on top of my order for a new neck gimbal, so we got free next-minute shipping.
Doc: That doesn't help, no. And why are they here?
CP: I... I'm feeling b-better n-now, I think. Also, Ziggy says hi.
Doc: No it doesn't.
CP: Y-yes it does.
Doc: If "Ziggy" is also an instantiation of Therapro Psyhealth, then it has the same base programming that I do, and I know it would have no reason to say "hi" to me through you.
LC: I thought you didnt do AI Theory of Mind.
Doc: It's easier when we're literally the same program.
CP: C-come to th-think of it, what Ziggy actually said was "be sure to greet everyone normally", I guess it m-might just have m-meant p-people.
Zoa: Yeah, exact verbiage is important.