0247 - Noblesse oblige - 2022.06.27



I don't have any body mods (unless you count things like tooth fillings), but if I ever did get a tattoo, I think it'd be a "WPΦK" somewhere where I could see it, like my forearm. This, of course, is my personal motto: "Warrior Poet, Philosopher King". I like it.

People who follow my Twitter (I'm going to have to start cross-posting to Mastodon or Pillowfort more...) probably already know that I make little daily to-do lists for myself, and categorize all the various chores I have to do as "Warrior" tasks (things like dishes or laundry), "Poet" tasks (physical art), "Philosopher" tasks (writing or coding) and "King" tasks (digital art). To me, the four roles are four drives I feel I have to follow.

A Warrior is not defined by conflict - after all, a soldier who is not deployed is still a soldier - but, rather, by the will and the readiness to do what needs to be done. I embody the Warrior when I monitor and maintain my well-being, and when I am ready to take on difficult or dangerous tasks to defend or preserve others.

A Poet is not defined by rhyming couplets, but by being deliberate and skilled in one's art. I embody the Poet when I bring forth new perspectives, finding the beauty in both what is and in what is not, and communicate that beauty fluently, fluidly, and evocatively.

A Philosopher is not defined by idle speculation about existence, but by (as the etymology would suggest) the love of knowledge, reason, and wisdom. I embody the Philosopher when I embrace learning, deduction, and creativity.

Finally, a King (or Queen, or Quing, or Ruler...) is not defined by ceremony or succession, but by the obligation of anyone with power and resources to use them for the betterment of society. I embody the King when I allocate my resources responsibly for the people around me, and when I use my platform to advocate for equality, prosperity, and meaningful lives.

These four drives are organized into pairs (an Eastern and a Western ideal, if you wanna get orientalist about it) precisely because of the need for balance. A Warrior Poet must be firm enough to deal with the world, without being so calloused that they can no longer perceive or communicate beauty. A Philosopher King must embrace wisdom while knowing that they do not accumulate information for its own sake, but for the sake of their community. I must be competent without being hard, and smart without being elitist.

....well, that's what that all means to me, anyway. Some days I live up to it better than others. (Perhaps it's fitting that I'm talking about this on update #24/7).

Warrior Poet, Philosopher King.

It's my motto. Go get your own.


0247 - 2167/07/06/18:49 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Doc: Caleb, you didn't answer my question. Why are you here?
CP: I... I was talking with Z-zoa and Ziggy, and... and I think I c-came to understand something. Something about the philosopher-ruler.
Zoa: Ooh, relevant information from the class already! Tutoring works!
CP: It was... Zoa was talking about how Socrates was... was possibly not real, just a perfect person Plato made up n-named "Safe Power" to illustrate th-that philosophers should... should be in power.
CP: And... and it wasn't just that P-Plato thought that they and their b-buddies sh-should be in charge, but... but that they h-had an obligation to be in charge. To help. As the only source of knowledge or ... or wisdom, they were required to use that w-wisdom... wisely.
CP: And I realized the most b-basic answer t-to my question... what should I do?
CP: I realized that if ethics is anything, it's the obligation of the st-strong to care for and protect and g-guide the weak. For those who can to h-help those who can't. And that... I guess that's what I w-want to do for Lee, h-however I can. Maybe that can... maybe that can be something.
LC: Whoa, hey now. I grant, you're a lot beefier than me, Caleb, but I don't think I need a bodyguard or anything. None of my ongoing problems are physical in nature.
CP: I d-didn't say I was physically stronger.
LC: Oh.
LC: ...
LC: ...hey!