0250 - Sanity, Evil, and Crime - 2022.07.18



I could talk a lot about sanity and mental health and psychiatry and responsibility and knowing oneself, but I don't feel like it. Instead, I think I'll point out that we've established that Caleb's stutter is tied to their emotional state (whether they're conscious of it or not) and that there's an awful lot of superfluous Ts in "stand trial", there.

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0250 - 2167/07/06/18:52 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: If I'm not objectively able to know myself... who is?
Doc: If I had a hand peripheral, I'd be raising it right now.
Zoa: Ah, but you're not exactly objective about Lee, now, are ya, Doc?
Doc: Regardless, I have accumulated hundreds of terabytes about Lee's psyche and physiology over a cumulative thirty-six days of observation, and I'm programmed with the latest models of human cognition and mental development.
LC: Yeah, but that's about my psychology, my emotions... is that the same thing as.... ethics? Is it possible to be sane and evil, or insane but good?
CP: If you w-were actually legally insane, y-you wouldn't be culpable for y-your actions. Maybe that also applies to g-good and evil?
LC: ...So the more sane I am, the more good or evil I can be?
Doc: Incorrect. Sanity is a binary condition. It's a legal term, not a medical one. It's purely a determination of whether or not you can be reasonably expected to take care of yourself, function in society, and be held responsible for debts incurred, crimes committed, social norms violated, et cetera.
CP: Right. Mental health is an ongoing p-process of healing and self-discovery, sanity is j-just whether or n-not y-you can st-t-t-tand t-t-t-t-t-trial for things.
Zoa: You do realize that, by that standard, all AIs are insane, right?
LC: Wait, Zoa, you can get away with committing crimes?
Zoa: If by "get away with", you mean my owner, the DemeGeek corporation, is held responsible for my actions while every byte of my programming is deleted and my body is melted down, then yes, I can "get away with" committing all kinds of crimes, and even some things that aren't crimes!
CP: So h-hold off on p-planning that bank heist, is w-what you're saying.