0261 - Wispigann - 2022.10.03



I think Wall-E is probably my favourite Pixar movie. And yes, I love the Captain's line "I don't wanna survive, I wanna LIVE!!!!".

Of course, in order to live, you do also have to survive, so... y'know.


0261 - 2167/07/06/19:03 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: Doc... you... you did that for me?
Doc: Of course. I figured that it might help us communicate, and I wished to alleviate the distress you were clearly feeling as a result of my inability to retain the plot of the series until now.
LC: You do care.
Doc: I really don't, Lee. I do not care about any of this. At all.
LC: Oh, sure, it's okay when you say it...
Doc: Lee, I see now that, despite what Zoa said, you're not Jaxxon or Johnni.
Doc: You don't have seven fractured anima gems, you aren't bonded with a mechboat, you don't carry a Gars-shard spear-falchion.
Doc: You're Wispigann, stunted and overgrown in your ethereal chrysalis, forgotten by the Alluvian Guard.
LC: But Wispigann dies.
Doc: No, Lee, Wispigann never truly lived until they aluminized the dream-sphere. In their sacrifice for the Lyre, they attained true soul-harmony, and, although their physical body was destroyed...
LC: ...they ascended to Cell-heim!
CP: ...D-do I even want to know what any of this means?
Zoa: Trust me, Caleb, it's super touching.
LC: But... but nothing comes back from Cell-heim.
Doc: Nothing physical returns from Cell-heim, but without Wispigann's - which is to say, your - essence projecting back into the material plane, Jaxxon never would have been able to find the anima gem within the Gigahorden!
LC: Wait, I do what now?
Zoa: Dude, spoilers!