0262 - Good-bye. - 2022.10.10



It's cool. We're cool.


0262 - 2167/07/06/19:04 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Doc: I apologize for spoiling the ending of your cartoon, Lee.
LC: An anima gem inside the Gigahorden? How is that possible? Whose is it?
CP: Uh.. I'm g-getting the feeling I should go. It's already s-seven PM and we've got c-class tomorrow.
Zoa: You good? We're good? Everyone's good?
CP: Y-yeah. I... I'm j-just gonna g-go ... uh... study. I have other classes, y'know.
Doc: It is polite to say good-bye to someone and show them to the door when they leave your home, Lee.
LC: Right, right, I know. I'm not that stunted.
[at door]
LC: Right, well this has been...
CP: ...Yeah.
LC: I understand if you don't want to...
CP: Oh, n-no, I... I'd love to s-sit n-next to you in ... I mean, if th-that's allowed...
LC: Right. Yes. Cool. So...
[failure to handshake/hug]