0027 - A Place in which to become Better - 2018.04.09



It should be noted that, in 2167, "Fleshlight" is considered a generic term, like "Coke". Zoa's phatex mouthsleeve was actually manufactured by a company called Anat0mex, although many of its internal servos and sensors have since been replaced with various third-party components. It should also be noted that credits do not have physical form - indeed, making a physical credit coin would be highly illegal - but Zoa would happily accept currency of any sort, so it's not strictly inaccurate to use the term "coin-operated".


0027 - 2167/07/05/18:20 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: It's... circular. My concept of how to make the world a better place is determined by what I am, and if I change the world, I start by changing what I am. I don't have a firm place to stand on, to make decisions from.
Zoa: That's probably why different people are... different people. If everyone had the same perspective on what the best way to make the best world was, we'd already be there.
LC: Yeah, but I mean, some perspectives have to be righter than others, right? Surely there's some consensus somewhere on what "better" means.
Zoa: Well, golly, I'm just a coin-operated Fleshlight, but I reckon that if you want to learn a thing, you should go to a school of some sort, consult an expert.
LC: What, you think the local college has classes on the ultimate purpose of human existence?
Zoa: Couldn't hurt to ask.
LC: I dunno, I really kinda think it could.
Zoa: How so?
LC: Well, interacting with strange people is uncomfortable for me... authority figures like college professors doubly so. Leaving my apartment and walking around in unfamiliar places is also kinda bullshit.
Zoa: Okay, but other than all that, we're good to go, right?