0273 - #F2E1CC - 2022.12.26



I do like how Lee describes "green dragon means poison" is "traditional", when I'm reasonably certain that's from Dungeons and Dragons.


0273 - 2167/07/07/02:20 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bedroom
Zoa: I'm sorry, I haven't been doing visual descriptions of anything because all the imagery I can pull from is either copyrighted or would require attribution, and that seemed clunky.
LC: No problem, it's our world, we can do what we want. Generate a random colour.
Zoa: As a hex? F-two-E-one-C-C.
LC: What's that?
Zoa: It's close to ecru.
LC: What's that?
Zoa: It's a kind of light brown.
LC: Perfect, a nice traditional human skin colour! We'll say that's Loa's skin. Gimme another random colour.
Zoa: Hex three-eight-four-eight-three-one. Dull green.
LC: That can be Stragalex. It's a green dragon, which, traditionally, means it's likely poisonous.
Zoa: Poisonous or venomous? "Poisonous" just means it's deadly if the princex tries to eat it.
LC: It breathes out a mist, the mist can be poison. Whatever. More colours! Colour everything!
Zoa: Okay... Princex Loa has light brown skin, dark blue hair, and yellow eyes. They're wearing a hot pink dress with light green trim and lighter green accessories. They have magenta lips, black fingernails, and orange shoes.
LC: Y'know, maybe when you pick clothing from my closet, you should let me co-ordinate your outfit...