0279 - Once upon a time... - 2023.02.06



...this feel familiar to anyone else?


0279 - 2167/07/07/02:26 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bedroom
Zoa: Okay, I think I've got a story.
LC: You do?
Zoa: Yeah, I've been iterating in the background while we've been talking. Let me know what you think of this:
Zoa: Once upon a time, there was a lowly peasant named Zee. Zee lived in a tiny farmhouse outside of a large castle where the Giaciesserra royal family lived and ruled over all the land. One day, Princex Loa Giaciesserra, who lived alone in the castle, decided that they wanted a royal companion, so they looked out the window, and happened to spot Zee tending to their crops.
LC: Wow, this actually feels like a story. Keep going, keep going!
Zoa: Princex Loa called Zee to come stay in the castle with them, leaving their farm behind. Zee happily accepted the amazing opportunity to live in the castle and be the princex's professional friend, although they were concerned about leaving their farm behind - in their absence, the crops would wither and grow fallow, and Zee knew that the princex could be fickle and their whims would be unpredictable.
LC: Uh... sure, this is working so far...
Zoa: Zee kept a big smile on their face, and played all the games that Loa wanted to play, all the while saving what little scraps of food and forgotten copper pieces they could scrounge, so that when Loa inevitably grew tired of them, they would at least have enough seed money to pick up where they left off with the whole subsistence agriculture thing.
LC: Wow, I, uh... I'm about to start rooting for a dragon, aren't I?