0028 - Zoa's other functions - 2018.04.16



This is another one of those cases where I hope the body language is coming across. Lee flops on things, like someone who is lazy but not necessarily tired. They're clearly already quite comfortable with having Zoa in their home. In contrast, note how Zoa is physically active and informal and shifts around from panel to panel, yet knows its place enough to kneel on the carpet instead of sitting on the couch.


0028 - 2167/07/05/18:21 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa: Y'know, we are within a kilometer of Rosenthal College. In fact, I believe this building is technically categorized as campus housing.
LC: Yeah, I know. I moved in when they dropped the "current student" requirement. As long as I could, theoretically, take a class, I was considered eligible. Rosenthal changed it later, but by that point, they couldn't kick me out.
Zoa: So why not pop in and take a class or two? Just audit some stuff, you don't have to get a degree.
LC: I told you. I don't want to leave my apartment or interact with people.
Zoa: Well... what about me? You seem to have been interacting with me okay.
LC: I guess I have, yeah. I mean, I've been uncomfortable with the things we've been talking about, but you, Zoa... I'm okay with you. I guess because I don't feel I have to impress you or care about your opinion of me. I know you'll suck my dick for money no matter what.
Zoa: Indeed I will. So... how's'about we go to college together? You do the learning, I'll handle all the paperwork and run interference on all the scary humans that try to talk to you? It's a perfect arrangement!
LC: And what about walking around outside?
Zoa: I've been told I give very comfortable piggy-back rides!