0280 - A knight and a jester. - 2023.02.13



We shall presume, of course, that the aging magic is confined to the spring itself and not to the substance it produces.


0280 - 2167/07/07/02:27 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bedroom
Zoa: Just as Princex Loa was about to lose interest in their new toy, the skies darkened, and a huge green dragon swooped down out of the sky. "I am Stragalex!", the dragon bellowed, "And Castle GHS-era is on my land! If you wish to remain in your home, I demand that the princex journey to my lair, where they will be put through a series of trials!”
LC: Ooh, scary.
Zoa: The princex was greatly afraid, for they had never left the castle and had never been subjected to any trials of body or mind, but the peasant Zee, from their years of doing many different jobs on their farm, was confident that they could help the princex succeed - and, if nothing else, further ingratiate themself to either the princex or, perhaps, to the dragon.
LC: Smart peasant.
Zoa: So the two ventured forth from the castle, journeying to Stragalex's lair. Along the way, they met a knight who, at first, stopped them on the path, for they believed that Zee and Loa were impostors or bandits of some sort, but, once Zee explained their situation, the brave knight - whose name was Anda - pledged their service to the princex... while still adhering to their other duties, of course.
LC: Pickin' up allies along the way. Love it. Love the knight.
Zoa: The travellers came to a magic spring, and Princex Loa desired its restorative waters, for they had walked far, and were very tired. The magic spring, however, would age whatever hand reached into its depths. Suddenly, a jester with an iron hook hand appeared from the foliage. "Allow me, my liege!", they said, and retrieved some water, and it fucked up the hook hand a little, but not as much as it would a meat hand.
LC: Ew, rusty hook water.
Zoa: Well, they used a canteen.
LC: Still.