0281 - Back and forth. - 2023.02.20



Not a very well-structured story, is it?


0281 - 2167/07/07/02:28 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bedroom
LC: So the four travelers made it into Stragalex's lair?
Zoa: Um... actually, no, Anda the knight and Joshua the jester did pledge their service to the princex, but they had other shit to do, so they weren't there at the moment.
LC: Hm.
Zoa: And Loa and Zee went back to the castle, where the princex sought the wisdom of their court wizard, Wiz.
LC: Wait, what? But they were already on their way there! They walked so far they got tired!
Zoa: Yes, but journeying there in the first place basically counted as the first trial, and Stragalex's lair was closed for the day now anyway. And the princex accidentally summoned the jester, but then sent them away again. Then they accidentally sent Zee away.
LC: What?
Zoa: And the princex summoned Joshua to go get Zee back, but then they inadvertently insulted Joshua by implying that they got their hook hand while committing murder, so Joshua and Zee left again, but Zee gave Wiz secret instructions to cast a great wakefulness spell, because Zee knew that Loa would fall into idleness and forget Stragalex's ultimatum without some outside stimulus.
LC: I'm... confused.
Zoa: The wakefulness spell clashed with a sleep spell, and Wiz became catatonic, so Princex Loa summoned some other peasants, and tried to use them to get Zee back, but one of the peasants had a pre-existing arrangement with Zee, and they began simulated combat, and Loa was once again greatly afraid, but Zee explained that the blood was just ketchup, then they returned to the castle, Zee got a new collar, and Wiz learned to fly.
LC: Okay, I'm not confused any more. Also, fuck you.