0288 - Wiggle room. - 2023.04.10



One of the things that's important to me in Forward is implying the existence of technology that is so seamless and invisible that the characters take it for granted. Other sci-fi might make the armatures that are attending to Lee in the third panel a big gee-whiz spectacle, but I prefer to keep it subtle (and, you will note, silent).


0288 - 2167/07/07/08:46 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bathroom
LC (showering): You're sure we'll have enough time?
Zoa (from the other room): It's eight forty-six now, class officially starts at ten, we should aim to be there at nine fifty, just in case. If we cab it like we did yesterday, that's five minutes, we gotta be out the door by nine thirty-five. If we walk (it's cooler this morning), that's about fifteen minutes, we gotta be out the door by nine twenty-five.
Zoa: Either way, yes, I'm sure you have enough time for breakfast, as long as its something quick, like a wrap.
[living room, we see Zoa in a new outfit it borrowed from LC]
LC: Wow, you don't like cutting it close, do you?
Zoa: Wiggle room is important in a situation where you may be forced to wiggle.
LC: Well, fine, you're the boss, I'll have a breakfast wrap. Maybe ham and egg or something.
[back in the bathroom, LC is drying off]
Zoa: Please don't call me "the boss", Lee. I know what you meant, but-
LC: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're accountability buddies for each other, how's that? You're making me take care of myself, I'll return the favour - you need anything? Are there any parts or upgrades we can get you while I'm breakfasting?
Zoa: No maintenance or upgrades that I'd be confident I could complete on time. Maybe a lube top-up.
LC: Is that lube for your joints, or lube for blowjobs?
[back in the living room, LC is emerging from the bathroom]
Zoa: Yes.
LC: Gross. Good to know that if one of Doc's hover-armatures ever seizes up, I can just cram it down your throat.
Doc: I would prefer it if you did not.