0289 - Codes - 2023.04.17



How many EULAs or changes to TOS do you accept in a typical year without really reading them?


0289 - 2167/07/07/08:47 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: So, Doc, you're gonna stay active while we're at class, right?
Doc: Why would I do that?
LC: Now that you can fly, if I need you on campus, I can just summon you, and you can fly straight to me!
Doc: No I can't.
LC (receiving wrap from butler bot): Why not?
Doc: I don't have permissions to leave your apartment, nor to come back in once I've left.
Zoa: Oh, I got those! Here ya go. Got codes for low-altitude free flying in an urban traffic environment, too, and I can register you as one of my tools, so you can gain access to the campus as an extension of my general-purpose automaton authorization. Easy peasy.
Doc: Zoa, you really shouldn't be handing out Lee's door code that freely.
LC (unwrapping wrap): S'cool, I trust it.
Zoa: And I trust you. Circle of trust, we're all good!
Doc: I've never left this living room before.
Zoa: You'll be fine, people like hovering screens, just don't smack into a pigeon or anything. Plus, I assume, you're all backed up offsite, chassis is insured, all that good stuff. You're smart enough to find a free field if you start losing power, and I'm confident you could talk your way out of any trouble with randos.
LC: Yeah, if we'd thought of it earlier, with enough mods, you could probably have been my emotional support aid instead of Zoa, here.
Doc: Hmm. Well, there's no doubt I'd be better at supporting your emotional state and providing you with psychological assistance, should you require it...
Zoa: On second thought, y'know, maybe you don't need those door codes after all. You can remember cartoons now! Stay home and watch those!