0029 - Emotional Support Aid - 2018.04.23



It's difficult, doing worldbuilding without yet going outside into the world at all. I have to imply things about the future based on how Lee and Doc and Zoa interact. Take Zoa's initial interpretation of Lee's message, for example - if a character in a setting reads "seeking companionship" as "DTF", that says something not only about the character, but about the sexual culture at large, doesn't it?

Anyway, even from this limited perspective where the characters define the world, I do hope it's obvious that Lee is socially stunted and Zoa is single-minded, so perhaps this entire proposal is... ill-advised.


0029 - 2167/07/05/18:22 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: No, no, I can't go to college. I... I can't. It would... it'd be too expensive.
Zoa: I believe tuition and school supplies are subsidized, like electricity.
LC: It'd be inconvenient.
Zoa: A lot of the intro classes are on a drop-in basis, and it's a staggered semester system. In fact, I believe they have a run starting tomorrow, right in the middle of the week.
LC: And I imagine you'd expect me to pay you sixty creds a day for your "running interference" services, right?
Zoa: Actually, if we can get me classified as an "emotional support aid" and show that you'd be unable to attend without me, the college subsidizes that too. Up to five grand for a three-month semester, which works out to about the same.
LC: ...you've already done research on this.
Zoa: I, uh... I may have, yeah.
LC: Why?
Zoa: College students love them some bee-jays, but I'm not allowed on campus property in my capacity as a sex act vending machine. As an emotional support aid, though, it's allllll kosher.
LC: So not only would you be getting five thousand credits per semester for blocking people from talking to me, but you'd also be able to advertise your services to all my classmates.
Zoa: And your teachers. And administrators. And custodians. Anyone with adult bodily autonomy who passes within my field of view, really.