0293 - Services. - 2023.05.15



I dunno, I think they're both doing pretty well.


0293 - 2167/07/07/08:51 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa: Hnngh, I dunno. It's stupid. My question, I... forget I said anything! Shit! Sorry! I'm sorry!
LC: Oh, I would not-
Zoa: Ohhh, please don't hate me! I don't even want to be here! I'm not supposed to be here today!
LC: Seriously?
Doc: Zoa, can you please actually act as an emotional support aid and support Lee emotionally?
LC: Yeah, support me!
Doc: I'm not talking to Lee Caldavera, Zoa, I'm talking to you. Comfort my student and help them ask their question, please.
LC: What?
Zoa: I'm too scared to ask about Plato, Zoa. Make me feel okay!
LC: Oh, is this how we're doing it? Okay.
LC: Don't worry, Lee, just ask the question and then I'll suck your cock! I'll suck your cock and make you jizz hot cum into my mouthsleeve, orgasms solve every problem!
Zoa: Hnnngh, only if you'll do it for freeeeee.
Doc: Alright, this is definitely disruptive to our class, I'm afraid I may have to ask you to leave.
LC (standing up): Oh, hey, you're right, I should've brought enough for the rest of the class! Hey, everybody! My name is Zoa and I'll suck all your dicks for rock-bottom prices! Everyone, come bust a nut in my mouth! First one's free!
Zoa: Okay, time out, that is completely out of character for me.
Doc: Yes, as much as I may not always approve of Zoa's methods, I'm sure it wouldn't-
Zoa: If you're gonna offer free samples on blowjobs, you never finish'em off! No one's in the mood to spend money while they’re in their refractory period!