0294 - In which Doc fails to teach - 2023.05.22



It's important to know what you're good at and what you're not good at.

Granted, sometimes you have to do the thing you're bad at, but at least you'll know that you're sucking the whole time you're doing it.


0294 - 2167/07/07/08:52 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: Okay, you're right, Zoa, I'm sorry. I know you're going to do your best to support me.
Zoa: And I'm sorry that I over-exaggerated your emotional fragility. I suppose your behaviour during our first class isn't necessarily representative of how you're going to behave in subsequent classes. Y'know, extenuating circumstances.
Doc: Do we want to restart the roleplay?
LC: Yeah, okay, toning it down. Go for it, Doc.
Doc: ... ahem ... and, as you can see, Socrates had a lasting effect on the foundations of modern thought.
Zoa (raising hand): Ooh!
Doc: Mm, yes, Mezzer Caldavera?
Zoa: I, uh... I had a question, but.... uh... I dunno.
LC: Hey, you've got this, Lee. Just ask your question, that's what the teacher is here for.
Doc: Yes, Lee, if you have a question about the material, by all means, go ahead.
Zoa: Uh... well... what virtues did Socrates see in Plato that made them want to make Plato their successor? What made Plato so special?
Doc: .....time out.
Zoa: Wait, Doc, you're timing out of the scene?
Doc: I do not possess any in-depth information about Greek philosophers, and my incidental memory is all filled up with Gu Gu JaxxonFive plotlines.
LC: Ooh, could we change the class to be about Gu Gu instead? I'd be real good at that!