0295 - On the dangers of minotaurs - 2023.05.29



What sort of things merit a "spoiler warning"? Is it only for fiction that has a twist? Can Greek history be "spoiled"? Can learning facts out of their proper sequence cause a misunderstanding?


0295 - 2167/07/07/08:53 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: Okay, no problem, we can probably just look up the answer.
Zoa: I thought the whole point of in-person learning was that it included stuff we wouldn’t otherwise be able to just find online ourselves.
LC: Well, yeah, but… I mean, Socrates’ life isn’t a secret, right?
Doc: Yes, but you want Mezzer Twofeather to be the one to tell you about it, so you’ll have proper context and understanding of the subject.
LC: Doc, this may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t actually care about what Socrates thought about Plato, I just want to ask the question so I’m engaged in class or whatever.
Doc: I assure you, that is not a surprise to me.
Zoa: Do we not still want to find out what the best ethical path in life is and all that? The original point of going?
LC: I mean, yes, I do, but I’m not convinced that Socrates or Plato actually knew what that was. Certainly, they wouldn’t have any idea about modern life. AIs and Internet and Mars and biomods… I mean, who cares what some moldy old Greek con artist thinks about kings and agriculture and minotaurs?
Doc: The minotaurs weren’t real, Lee.
LC: I know that. I just don’t know that Socrates knew that. We’ve already established that they weren’t exactly the sharpest bulb in the shed. Maybe they liked Plato because they wanted Plato to wrestle the minotaur for them.
Zoa: Heck, I know I’d be impressed...