0297 - Eight. - 2023.06.12



I mean, of all the qualities to look for in a student, being able to defend the teacher against encroaching minotaurs seems pretty important to me.


0297 – 2167/07/07/08:55 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Doc: I had assumed that if “ten” was the most aggression one could exhibit while still being rational and reasonable, then an “eleven” was-
LC: Yes, yes, I get it. Take it down to an eight, please, let’s try again.
Doc: As you wish.
Doc (up high again): So, as you can see, Socrates’ influence can still be felt in the modern world…
Zoa: Uh… Mezzer Twofeather? I have a question.
Doc: Ugh. What is it now, Mezzer Caldavera?
Zoa: Oh, um… well, I don’t have to ask it, if it’s too much trouble...
LC: Hey, come on, Lee, it’s okay! The whole point of a class is to teach us things we didn’t know. Go ahead, speak your mind!
Zoa: Right. Okay. Um… Socrates made Plato their student and next in line, right? And Socrates was all about virtue and what’s best in life. So… what made Socrates think Plato was worthy? What qualities did Plato exhibit?
Doc: Hrm. A valid question, I suppose. What do you think? If you were Socrates, what abilities and attitudes would you want your next-in-line to possess?
Zoa: ...The ability to wrestle a minotaur?
Doc: Well said. Socrates did indeed believe in minotaurs, and wanted a sufficiently broad-shouldered student who would be able to defend them in case they were attacked mid-lecture. Fortunately, in the modern age, we know that minotaurs are merely myth and superstition, so I do not require a similar bodyguard.
Zoa: Wow, that insight was as objectively factual as it was memorable and relevant. Thank you, Mezzer Twofeather! You’re a fantastic teacher!
Doc: Indeed I am, Lee. Ten bonus points! You’re not expelled at all!
Zoa: Yay!