0299 - Klein and Big C - 2023.06.26



It's Klein!

Yes, in case it wasn't clear from context (I assure you, it's obvious enough to pass without comment for everyone in the strip, to the point where they'd be confused if you were confused), Klein is human. What may be less evident is that this is a cameo!

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0299 - 2167/07/07/08:57 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, front hallway
Zoa (opening front door): Heyyy, Big C! What’s shakin’?
CP: H-hi, Zoa. Is… is Lee ready for c-class? I th-thought maybe we could…
CP: ...y’know.
Zoa: Walk to class together?
CP: I… was going to hover-skate, actually. M-my feet still aren’t a hundred p-percent.
Zoa: Riiiight, from when you jumped off of a building. That was cool. I don’t know if Lee owns a pair of hover-skates, though.
CP: I b-brought them a p-pair of… of clip-ons.
Zoa: But not a pair for me, I’m guessin’. Also, who’s your friend?
[we see Klein in the hallway, looking like a cyborg bird dragon]
JRK: Hi. I’m Klein.
CP: They’re Klein.
Zoa: Hi, Klein, I’m Zoa. Nice cyberbird bits.
JRK: Thanks. Unlike Big C, here, I decided to lean into the whole bio-upgrades thing, as long as VetMed’s paying for it.
CP: P-please d-don’t call me Big C. I… I don’t like Big C.
JRK: Yeah, I guess, in the context of federally-funded programs, the Canadian government is Big C, so you’d be Little C.
Zoa: Hey, Lee, Li’l C wants to fly to class with you! You good on hover-skates?
CP: I m-may have m-made a t-t-t-tactical error.