0030 - Thanks - 2018.04.30



Zoa, like Doc, does not have emotions or an ego. It is an AI. If it displays a facial expression, it is doing so on purpose, for a purpose.

Oh, by the way, I suppose I should talk a bit about Zoa's "hair". It's composed of strands of a striated high-metal nanoceramic, each far thinner than a human hair. The technology is actually supposed to be used in manufacturing, but it was cheaper to make a wig and eyebrows out of it than to use anything that actually approximates keratin. The prehensility is a welcome bonus, but at these lengths it's far too weak and unco-ordinated to do anything other than curl itself and wave around at random.

It's soft to the touch, repels dirt and grease, impedes bacterial growth, never tangles, and if you grab it and yank, it'll either break or pop off Zoa's scalp long before it hurts your hand.

It's one of the parts Zoa has to replace most often, which is why it's made of the cheap stuff.


0030 - 2167/07/05/18:26 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: It's... I mean, I'd have to think about it...
Zoa: Of course, of course, think about it all you like. Sleep on it, even. I'll check and see what sorts of classes are available, I can leave you my contact info.
LC: I'd appreciate that, thanks.
Zoa: ... you mean it?
LC: Mean what?
Zoa: The thanks.
LC: I... it was just sort of automatic. Y'know, a turn of phrase.
LC: But yeah, I guess I did mean it. Thank you, Zoa.
Zoa: Lee, I've been in operation about five years now, and...
Zoa: ...and no one has ever thanked me for anything. Not even by accident.
Zoa: What the hell, I'm still charging. Go ahead and queue up the first episode of Gu Gu, we'll watch it together.
LC: For free?
Zoa: First episode, yes. Beyond that... we'll see.
LC: I'll take it!