0300 - Lil C, Big D - 2023.07.03



And there goes our cameo, off to go be an agent of chaos somewhere else. Isn't Caleb lucky to have friends like them?


0300 - 2167/07/07/08:58 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, hall
LC: Uh… hi, Caleb. You’re early. It’s only nine and class doesn’t start until ten.
CP: Hi, Lee. I… uh… I figured I would g-get you breakfast. But… but I see you’re already eating.
LC: Yeah, I… I guess I am.
Doc (from off-panel): a-*hem*.
Zoa (muttering): Huh, never heard an AI clear its throat before…
LC: Uh… thank you for offering, though! That… that sounds pretty cool, actually. Breakfast. I can save this wrap for later. Also, you look very nice this morning.
CP: Mm, you… you t-t-t-t… your… you look …. you’re... good. You’re good.
JKR: Smooth, Lil C. Real smooth.
CP: I… sh- dn….
JKR: Hi, I’m Klein, and I also look good. We all look good. You like Martian food? There’s a popup kiosk thing over on Gatling that does a stupendous algae miso-wurst.
CP: Ffff...
LC: I… I love Martian food, actually.
JKR: Sweet, it’s a date, grab your shoes or whatever.
CP: K-Klein… I… d-d-d-...
JKR (leaving): Oh, heyyy, look at the time! I actually have to go do a completely different thing somewhere else, you two have fun together!
Zoa: Thanks for stopping by, Klein! Call me if you ever want your dick sucked, I’m very affordable!
LC: Just had to throw that in, didn’t you?
Zoa: Personal branding, babe, you could learn a thing or two. Now, what was that about this being a date?
CP: Spdfff kggghhk hnnnn...