0303 - Speaking Greek - 2023.07.24



The Martian language, as you've noticed by now, is largely a pidgin combination of German and Japanese. "Damké scharikato" is a garbled combination of "danke schoen" and "domo arigato".


0303 – 2167/07/07/09:01 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, hall
LC: Ooh, so if we’ve got these hover-skates, does that mean we can just jump out the window and float down instead of having to take the elevator?
CP: Th-they’re programmed to only lift you t-t-twenty or so centimeters off the ground, so… no. The c-cushion wouldn’t be enough, y-you’d stil… you’d still bump the sidewalk.
Zoa: Ooh, we could hover our way down the stairwell, though, if you don’t mind corkscrewing!
CP: I… d-don’t recommend that either. I think the building managers f-frown on… that. That sort of thing. I got a t-t-talking to about j-jumping out my window. Th-they don’t like it.
LC: I guess the Powers that Rent wouldn’t approve, yeah. Thanks again for doing that, by the way.
Zoa: Yeah, damké scharikato, Caleb Paratta.
[entering elevator]
LC: I didn’t know you spoke Martian, Zoa!
Zoa: Oh, I can speak all the languages, I’m rad like that.
CP: D-do you sp-speak ancient Greek?
Zoa: Ah, let me clarify – I can, natively, speak all languages that are currently commonly used by living human beings. I could do regular Greek and put an “elderly” filter on my voice, though!
LC: Ah, I was about to say you could impress our classmates with a Socrates monologue or two, but maybe not.
CP: Y-yeah, that sounds m-more like you doing an impression of Socrates.
Zoa: The elderly filter only goes up to a hundred and fifty, but I guess I could layer it eighteen times to get to the correct age, if you’d like...