0307 - Locked and loaded. - 2023.08.21



Is Zoa smart? Given its abilities and its shortcomings, is Zoa the smartest of the three characters in this strip, or the stupidest? Do words like "smart" and "stupid" even apply?


0307 – 2167/07/07/09:05 – sidewalk, the three are hover-skating with varying levels of proficiency
Zoa: So, Caleb or Mezzer Paratta, do you have a philosophy question locked and loaded for this morning’s class, so you can appear to be engaged with the material?
CP: What? N-no, I… I didn’t prepare anything. D-did you?
LC (leaning in to half-whisper): Zoaaa, shut uuup.
Zoa: What? Ziggy is the same program as Doc, I figured they might have had similar strategies for encouraging healthy social interaction.
CP: N-no, Ziggy didn’t t-tell me to p-prepare a philosophy question. Should I?
Zoa: Couldn’t hurt! Ours is “what qualities did Plato possess that made Socrates want to appoint them their successor?”. Don’t steal it!
LC (highly embarrassed): Oh Godddd….
CP: Th-that’s a g-good one, but what if Mezzer Twofeather g-goes off-script and d-doesn’t get to P-plato today? They d-do have a tendency t-to go off on educational t-t-t-tangents, I’ve n-noticed.
Zoa: Yes, but they did say yesterday that we’re going to be having a test on chapters one and two on Friday. They presumably have to teach their way through both chapters before then, and it seems likely they’d have to finish chapter one today so they can do chapter two on Wednesday and Thursday. That means both Plato and Aristotle are making an appearance before end of class.
LC: Oh Christ, I didn’t even think about the test! How are we going to handle a test, Zoa? Would they have to turn you off so that you can’t help me cheat?
Zoa: They could just tell me not to help you cheat, and ask me afterwards if I’d done so. Unless it was to literally save your life from immediate physical danger, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t intentionally get around that.
CP: P-p-pretty sure?
Zoa: Not to brag, but you don’t make it to five years old without learning to creatively interpret a rule or two...