0310 - Arriving at the park - 2023.09.11



Zoa is great at nicknames.


0310 – 2167/07/07/09:08 - sidewalk
[coming to park on Gatling street with kiosk, some random people are here]
Zoa: And that looks like the kiosk that Klein mentioned! Dang, we made good time.
LC: In spite of... me.
Zoa: Oh, your hoverskating isn’t that bad, Lee. By the time we make it to school, you’ll be a natural.
Zoa: So, Mezzer Paratta, do you still have that veteran’s discount thing, or are we paying full price today?
CP: N-no, I… I hadn’t gotten around to… to disabling that yet.
Zoa: Sweet! Y’all can figure out your orders, Caleb, give me permission to order food on your behalf, and I’ll wait in line for you.
CP: N… n-n… what? No. No, I’m n-not giving y-you permission to access my v-veteran’s d-d-discount, Zoa.
Zoa: Ah, you’re more cautious about your permissions than ol’ Purpley, here! I guess that’s that military counter-AI training again. Fair enough, fair enough.
CP: It’s not… I’m not…
CP: …
CP: I really d-d-don’t think it’s… unusual to not s-sign over your w-wallet to a d-discarded nannybot that s-s-self-salvaged itself into a rentable s-s-sextoy.
Zoa: Oh, come on! It’s not like I’d immediately turn around and use your veteran’s discount to order a bunch of parts for myself!
CP: The d-d-discount doesn’t apply t-to artificial g-g-genitals, anyway. Not ones th-that aren’t getting implanted into m-m-me, at least.
Zoa: Exactly! What’s the point?
LC: …”Old Purpley”?