0313 - Little Olympus - 2023.10.02



I think we've all been a Lee from time to time, and we've all dealt with a Lee from time to time. It's always the worst when you can see yourself doing the thing, but you can't stop yourself.


0313 – 2167/07/07/09:11 – entering Little Olympus Blendies And More!
Zoa: Here it is, Little Olympus. No line!
CP: B-b-blendies are quick to make. D-d-do you know what you w-want, Lee?
LC: I, uh… I dunno. We don’t have to if you don’t want. I don’t want to be an inconvenience.
CP: It’s, uh… it’s fine? We… can do… uh...
Zoa [data connection]: Lee, Caleb already proactively offered, and this was already the plan. Backing out now is the thing that would be inconvenient.
LC: Okay, Zoa, I appreciate that you’re trying to help me covertly, but beaming messages into my head when I’m also trying to talk is clearly speechjamming me, so maybe we don’t do that any more, okay?
CP: Ah. The “Luddite” thing m-makes more sense now.
LC: I’m sorry, Caleb. I’m a mess of a person, and you don’t deserve to have to be around me. I should just go home.
Zoa: Or you should ingest some water and calories so that your metabolism evens out, which will allow you to regulate your emotions enough to go to class, in accordance with the plan that we all already agreed upon.
CP: I v-vote the s-second option.
Zoa: Majority rules, get yourself a blendie!
CP: You d-don’t get a vote on things, Zoa.
Zoa: Let’s assume I was calculating “majority” by mass. Y’know, like orbital right-of-way rules.
LC: If that’s how we decide things, I should probably order whichever blendie has the max amount of calories, huh?