0314 - Blueberry. - 2023.10.09



Yes, as you may have guessed from previous instances of the term "barsoomaboo", in the world of Forward, "Barsoom" is a common term for "Mars", as it is currently inhabited. Most people don't realize that it's from a book.


0314 – 2167/07/07/09:12 - Little Olympus Blendies And More!
Zoa: Welp, the highest-calorie blendie Little Olympus offers would be the Extra-Large Caramel Cricket Cascade with five Barsoom Blast add-ins. That’d be over eight thousand.
LC: That sounds utterly horrendous, I don’t know who would willingly eat something like that.
CP: ...I w-was g-gonna order that, actually. It’s one of the… uh… one of the few things here I can eat.
LC: Oh! I’m sorry, Caleb, I didn’t mean… uh… I’m sure it’s great! I can get one of those too! Two Caramel Crickets!
Zoa: Lee, you told me not to message you digitally, so I’ll just say this out loud:
Zoa: Don’t.
LC: Right. Sorry. I’m being weird. Uh… blueberry? Do they have blueberry?
Zoa: They do have blueberry.
LC: Blueberry.
Zoa: Very good. I’ll take the liberty of selecting Medium and adding a Matcha Calm and a Honey Pick-Me-Up, shall I?
LC: Yes please.
CP: And w-will y-you be ordering something for yourself while you’re at it, Zoa?
Zoa: I know that was sarcasm, but I’ve already been using the power and data hookups here, and those only become retroactively free for paying customers, so let’s move this whole commerce thing along, shall we?