0317 - A market for everything. - 2023.10.30



I can assure you, there is a market for everything.


0317 – 2167/07/07/09:15 - sidewalk
LC: Huh, this had never occurred to me… do you think the nose-grow-equals-lie thing is why AI aren’t allowed to have noses? To make them more trustworthy?
Zoa: I’m pretty sure removing Pinocchio’s nose would not prevent it from lying. The causality goes in the other direction.
CP: Eyes are p-permitted because it shows where the AI is looking. Mouths are p-permitted because it shows that the AI is speaking. A robot with human-like nose and ears would h-have n-no purpose other th-than impersonation.
LC: What about eyebrows? Those are just for showing human emotion. Or keeping sweat out of your eyes, I guess.
Zoa: Showing “emotion” is a form of communication, and communication is allowed. The sweat thing… is not an issue. Usually.
CP: S-safety regulations are written in blood. Or… or fraud, in this case. Fraud and blood. They’re important.
Zoa: Mm. On this, we agree.
LC: If you could get a nose, Zoa, what kind of nose would you want?
Zoa: Dude, I suck dick and I don’t breathe. A convex schnozz would be a liability.
Zoa: ...ooh, unless clients could fuck it too. I could be the first sexbot to offer nostriljobs!
CP: That d-d-doesn’t s-sound like anything that anyone would want. Ever.
Zoa: Caleb, you have never sold erotic services to the general public, and it shows. I can assure you, there is a market for everything.
LC: Everything except purple-haired philosophy students, I guess...