0319 - The ol' alma mater - 2023.11.13



As much as I enjoyed writing that "fasces = fascism" bit a couple of weeks ago, always remember that etymology is trivia, not definition.


0319 – 2167/07/07/09:35 – approaching Rosenthal College
Zoa: Ah, Rosenthal. The ol’ alma mater.
LC: Don’t we only get to call it that after we’ve graduated?
Zoa: According to the official definition, your “alma mater” is an educational institution that you once attended. Doesn’t say anything about having to finish. We attended once, yesterday. It counts.
Zoa: Of course, that’s the English definition. The Latin definition is “nourishing mother”.
LC: Gross.
Zoa: Yeah, it’s a very mammalian sentiment. I wonder if Mezzer Twofeather or Mezzer Hightower would approve.
CP: Wh-who’s Mezzer Hightower?
Zoa: Patricia Hightower, school administrator. Short, green streak in their hair, not a prospective client, yelly.
LC: They actively want to expel me from school and evict me from my home, and said as much yesterday.
Zoa: To be fair, you are taking school money meant for Emotional Support Aids and funneling it to a ramshackle AI that’s owned by a foreign corporation. Not that I think you should stop.
LC: Literally the worst human being I have ever met. In an ideal world, I’ll never see their stupid face ever again.
LC: …they’re standing right behind me, aren’t they?
CP: N-no. Why would they be?
LC: Because that’s the trope?
Zoa: Y’know Lee, I had my doubts about in-person education, but I’m really coming around to the idea that you should be spending more time outside of fiction.