0321 - "Us" - 2023.11.27



Patricia Hightower is nothing if not observant.


0321 – 2167/07/07/09:37 - Rosenthal College hex
CP: M-mezzer Hightower, it’s a p-p-p-plea-
PH: Second Major Paratta, thank you for your service.
CP: I d-d-don’t… hff-ffhhh….
Zoa (keeping its mouth closed, as per PH’s instructions in Forward #0054): Why is it a surprise that Mezzer Caldavera is here? Surely you expected them to attend class?
PH: Let’s be honest, Lee Caldavera’s behaviour in the past twenty-four hours has been somewhat erratic. I’m given to understand that shortly after yesterday’s class, they briefly advertised themself as a professional “cuddler”, then removed that listing, then transferred a kilocred to their apartment’s butlerbot, yes?
LC: I didn’t-
PH: Thank you for that, by the way, although it in no way compensates for the years of lost rent...
LC: Mezzer Hightower, I… I know things are weird with… with my housing situation and us, and…
PH: There is no “us”, Mezzer Caldavera.
LC: Right, but… but I am going to attend Mezzer Twofeather’s class on time today. That’s what I intend to do, that’s what I’m going to do, and I assure you, none of my… irregularities will prevent that.
PH: Very well, far be it from me to stand in the way of your continued education. I will ask you to remove those boots, though. No hoverskating on school property.
LC: Oh. I uh… I didn’t bring any other shoes with me.
PH: And you can’t be barefoot on school property either. Looks like you won’t be able to attend Orb’s class on time after all.
PH: Like I said: what a surprise.