0325 - Securing the win - 2023.12.25



Isn't it nice when things just line up for you?


0325 – 2167/07/07/09:41 - Rosenthal College hex
PH: That is not a shoe.
Zoa: Oh, but I beg to disagree. A cast has a rigid sole, contains Lee’s sweat, and was manufactured – just now - to be worn both indoors and outdoors. By Rosenthal’s own first aid bots, even, so we know for a fact that it’s up to Rosenthal’s standards.
Zoa: Unless you’re saying that students in casts aren’t allowed in class?
PH: You submitted a false injury report to our first aid system.
Zoa: I did nothing of the sort. I indicated that a student with injured feet was present, that Lee had their bare feet elevated so that they could be easily encastified, and that I thought the first aid bot should apply a cast to them as quickly as possible.
Zoa: Not my fault your system jumped to conclusions. You really should look into that.
PH: That’s a lie, then. There’s no student with injured feet here.
CP: A-a-actually, I hurt m-my f-f-feet y-yesterd-d-day.
Zoa: Indeed you did, Caleb Paratta! Injuries sustained while leaping out of a fifth story window, precisely the sort of heroic service Mezzer Hightower was just thanking you for.
Zoa: I have footage of the heroism in question, if you’d like.
CP: Th-th-that’s why I w-wanted to… to hoverskate to school today, actually. It… it puts less pressure on… on it.
Zoa: What’s that, Mezzer Paratta? Rosenthal’s official policies are preventing an injured veteran from using the mobility aid they need for accessibility purposes?
LC: Zoa, I think you secured the win on casts, maybe we quit while we’re ahead, yeah?