0330 - Grazing - 2024.01.29



Yes, Lee is that oblivious. Sometimes you're really only paying attention to your half of the conversation, y'know? Particularly when you're talking about yourself and your personal habits.


0330 – 2167/07/07/09:46 - Rosenthal College hex
LC: So I’m auditing Intro to Western Philosophy because I have to attend at least one class, but Caleb, you… you have a full course load, don’t you? What else are you taking?
CP: Oh. Uh… Intro to Western Philosophy from t-t-ten to eleven, then Intro to AI eleven-thirty to twelve-thirty, then Intro to Sociology with M-m-mezzer Twofeather again from thirteen to fourteen, and Intro to Economics fourteen-thirty to fifteen-thirty.
LC: All intros, huh?
CP: I… uh… I’m j-just starting. I… I don’t know what I don’t know.
LC: And no lunch?
CP: I don’t eat lunch.
LC: Because you don’t need to eat lunch, or because you don’t want to eat lunch?
CP: …Yes.
LC: Do you eat dinner?
CP: I… I can eat dinner. I can be present and p-participating when… when dinner occurs. D-do you… do you w-w-w-want-
CP: T-t-t…
CP: Th-
CP: Nnn.
LC: Well, you’re doing better than me, then, socially speaking. I think that blendie was the first time I’ve eaten food alongside another human being in five years. I mostly just graze, y’know?
CP: A-and you th-threw m-most of that blendie away.
LC: Yeah, I’m starting to think that training my stomach to anticipate a bite of food once every forty-five minutes may have been a bad idea.