0332 - Easily misunderstood - 2024.02.12



It may seem as though there's a disproportionate number of sex workers in this setting, but a) what job would you take on, if the only job a robot couldn't do better than you was impersonate a human, and b) what form of entertainment would you enjoy, if you had unlimited leisure time, unlimited discretionary funds, and your body could safely be or do whatever you wanted it to?


...okay, so most of you did not, in fact, answer "sex work", but you can see how it would be more popular than it is now, yeah?


0332 – 2167/07/07/09:48 - Rosenthal College hex
PZ: Pardon my viridian companion’s enthusiasm. I’m Pamela, they’re Quip.
LC: Yeah, I know.
QB: So anyway, what do you guys think of Mezzer Twofeather so far? I admit, they got me with that “Advanced Aerodynamics” bit yesterday.
PZ: I think they’re trying a little too hard to be “the cool teacher”, personally.
LC: I… Mezzer Twofeather is cool. They’re helping me.
QB: Really? I thought they were mad at you. Y’know, because of the hookerbot emotional support thing. Y’all hash that out?
LC: It… uh… they misunderstood my situation at first. I’m… easily misunderstood.
PZ: Been there, sib. Been there.
PZ: Also, I’ve been meaning to ask - you’re a professional cuddler? Or you were?
LC: Does everyone know about that?
PZ: It was posted publicly, you’re in our building, and I like to keep tabs on any potential competition. You inspired me to add “cuddling” to my repertoire too, as a matter of fact.
QB: Yeah, by the way, if you’re into blue folks and you ever get tired of phatex, I cannot recommend my buddy Pam here highly enough. Top tier service, hundred stars.
PZ: Oh, Quip, stoppp.
LC: That’s not how many stars you rate services with! I should know!