0333 - Stride doesn't count. - 2024.02.19



"Thalldo" is short for "with all due respect", but you probably knew that.


0333 – 2167/07/07/09:49 - Rosenthal College hex
LC: So Pamela, you’re a… uh… a prostitute?
PZ: A “sexual service provider”, yes, hence the fur, I cater to the furry community. I take it you’re not actually in the business yourself?
LC: Ah, no, the “cuddler” thing was a… uh… a clerical error. Sorta.
QB: Bummer. Here I was, hoping for threesomes.
PZ: Quip, we have threesomes all the time.
QB: Ehh, Stride doesn’t count.
LC: Stride… you mean Liz? Tall, purple, noodly arms?
QB: Ah, a fellow connoisseur, I see! Here I thought your tastes were more bargain basement, given the bot you usually hang out with.
LC: What? Zoa’s great!
QB: Thalldoo, Zoa’s a jalopy made out a nannybot covered in garbage and it only knows how to do one thing. Hardest of passes. Shouldn’t be on the street, quite frankly, it’s probably bringing down the property values.
PZ: What Quip means is that you’re welcome to continue using Zoa as your emotional support aid, they will not be competing with you for usage any time soon.
LC (gritted teeth): Good. So glad to hear it. I do believe I will.
CP [electronic communication]: Lee, please stop squeezing so hard, my epidermal defense system thinks my elbow is under attack.