0338 - Logic logic. - 2024.03.25



There's always a way out.


0338 – 2167/07/07/09:54 - Rosenthal College hex
LC: Caleb, I… in a TV show, I know I’d be telling you something like “I know you’re still in there, fight it!”, but…
LC: But I think I’ve learned that that’s bullshit. That’s emotional TV logic, not actual… like… logic logic.
LC: I guess the smart thing to do would just be to call for help, but there’s no way someone could get here and get brought up to speed in time, even assuming they could turn off your defense grid...
LC: Wait, I’ve got it!
LC: Second Major Caleb Paratta…
[Caleb visibly relaxes and releases Lee’s arm]
LC (hugging CP): I surrender I surrender I surrender unconditionally unequivocally I cede the war to you Caleb, I surrender surrender surrender forever surrender
CP: That’s… j-j-just the one will d-d-do, Lee.