0034 - Thanks - 2018.05.28



Thanking people does feel good. Thanking objects feels good too.

We all do it, don't we? Interacting with inanimate objects as though they were people? You stub your toe and get angry at the chair, your GPS directs you in the wrong way and you argue with it, your tongs go missing and you tell them they're naughty...

Human beings are built to be social. Some of us more so than others, granted, but it's still the lens through which we view the world. We develop a theory of mind, and attempt to apply that framework wherever we can. One might even posit that that's the origin of the "gods" - humans desperately attempting to be social with the weather, or with the harvest, or with death.

Zoa and Doc are very much characters in this story. They think things, they want things, they have motivations and can make plans. But, if you were to ask Lee, Lee would tell you that thus far, Forward has had exactly one person in it. Lee thanks Zoa and feels good about doing so, largely because it means that Lee gets to be a grateful - and therefore good - person.

There's more than one kind of masturbation, after all.


0034 - 2167/07/05/19:05 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: Well, thanks for watching that one episode with me, I guess.
Zoa: Oy, there you go thanking me for things again.
LC: I did it the one time and it felt good. It felt good to say.
Zoa: Well, good! I'm glad I can make you feel good in some way, even if it's not via my usual methods.
LC: I'm not paying you for it, though.
Zoa: That's fair, I already siphoned a bunch of gigawatts and yottabytes from your hookups, I can't really complain.
Zoa: Speaking of which, my batteries are charged, I completed all my syncs and updates and backups... unless you're looking to purchase fellatio tonight, I should get to scamperin'.
LC: Alright. Best of luck out there, I guess.
Zoa: I'll do a little scoutwork and get back to you with a course list and some possible itineraries if you like.
LC: That'd be great.
Zoa (leaving): And you're suuuuuure I can't tempt you with a-
LC: Goodbye, Zoa. Thank you very much for leaving.
Zoa: And I'm out the door!