0345 - Support. - 2024.05.13



Okay, let's be real - what percentage of this class do you think remembers what day the test is and what chapters will be on it?


0345– 2167/07/07/10:55- Rosenthal College, Phi building, classroom 1248
OT: Okay, folks, have those experiment proposals ready for discussion first thing tomorrow, and, once again, please read and take notes on lessonbook version R-sixty-seven-point-three, chapters one and two, there will be a test on Friday!
OT: Mezzer Caldavera, stick around, I’ve got news that may interest you. Everyone else… if you’ve got questions, I’ve got office hours, feel free to use’em.
OT: Other than that… scram! Go on, git, we need the real estate! I’ll see you all tomorrow!
OT: ...Mezzer Paratta? Can I help you?
CP: Oh, I… uh… uh…
LC: Caleb is… they’ve been helping me. They know about my situation. You can say stuff in front of them, I give permission or whatever.
OT: Huh, you’re getting all kinds of support, aren’t you, Lee?
LC: Yeah, I… I really am.
Zoa: Also, Caleb can’t leave because I haven’t spat in their hands yet.
CP: I d-d-don’t actually n-need one millilitre of hand soap, Zoa, th-that was j-just a g-gambit to give you p-permission to access the b-b-b-bathrooms s-so that y-you could refill y-y-your… your chest.
Zoa: Yes, I am well aware of what your intentions were, Caleb. What does that have to do with anything?
LC: Behold: my support.
OT: Mm.