0347 - Expert-level emotional support. - 2024.05.27



Quip Bruncklemeyer has never experienced anxiety a day in their damn life.


0347– 2167/07/07/10:57- Rosenthal College, Phi building, classroom 1248
LC: I’d have to move. I’d have to pack up all of my things and move.
CP: I… you, Lee, I’ll m-m-m-..… help. I help. Help you.
Zoa: Yeah, it won’t be so bad, Lee. Nothin’ you can’t handle with Caleb liftin’ boxes and your Emotional Support Aid providing you with expert-level emotional support the whole time!
OT: Well, unofficially, of course.
LC: What?
OT: Obviously, if we’re voiding your attendance here, the college would no longer cover the cost of the Emotional Support Aid you need to attend.
Zoa: Crap. I’d still get paid to the end of the month, though, right?
OT: Why would we pay to the end of the month for less than a week’s service?
LC: Less than a week? I thought I had until the end of the semester!
OT: What? Oh, no, no, this is immediate. This is now, Lee, the housing is available now. Besides, we’re not going to make you keep auditing a class for no reason, we’re not sadists.
OT: I will admit, though, I think I’ll miss your contributions. Arguing for and then against Socrates’ execution was, if nothing else, engaging.
Zoa: Yes, it’s amazing what a student can achieve when provided with expert-level emotional support.
Zoa: And hey, unrelated question: you know if Quip Bruncklemeyer has anxiety at all?