0348 - Some time to think. - 2024.06.03



Zoa is helpful!

...for the moment, anyway.


0348– 2167/07/07/10:58- Rosenthal College, Phi building, classroom 1248
LC: I… can I have some time to think about it?
OT: Sure, I’ll send along all the information, this was only decided this morning, ink’s not dry on anything yet.
OT: ...and I’m sure Mezzer Hightower’s going to have opinions, when they find out...
Zoa: Yeah, I was gonna say, when we saw them in the hex earlier, they didn’t seem like they were in the loop on this one.
OT: Mm, ‘tween you’n’me, someone may have put in an urgent request for additional class materials this morning that kept Patricia busy.
OT: Someone handsome.
Zoa: Ah, it must’ve been that Jasmine Albright, I hear advanced aeronautics requi-
LC (getting up): I have to go. I gotta go home. I… I’m busy. I gotta go.
OT: Right, of course, by all means. You need help getting-
LC: I gotta go. I’m going. Thank you. Yes. Going now.
Zoa (holding LC up by the vest so they don’t fall down the stairs): ...you forgot that you’re wearing casts, didn’t you?
LC: I may have forgotten that I’m wearing casts, yes.