0349 - Smart and pretty. - 2024.06.10



Be honest, you also thought it was just being silly with big boobs, didn't you?


0349– 2167/07/07/10:59- Rosenthal College, Phi building, classroom 1248
Zoa (helping LC to the door): C’mon, boss, let’s get you off school property so I can hose that plaster off you, it should still be hoseable.
LC: Wait, is that why you filled your boobs that big?
Zoa: Yeah, why’dja think?
LC: Y’know… boobs!
Zoa: Eh, I’m actually past the tipping point for what’s appealing to the average client. ‘member Nina? That’s about the maximum before the bell curve starts going down again.
Zoa: And by the way, don’t worry, the lost’n’found drone already has your hoverboots waiting for us outside.
LC: Oh, I… I forgot about those...
OT: Mm. Smart bot, ain’t it?
CP: S-s-smart’s cheap. And it’s… it’s often more trouble th-than it’s worth.
OT: Yeah, ain’t that the truth.
OT: Word to the wise? Same goes for pretty.
CP: Y-y-your advice has b-b-been noted, th-thank you.
OT: Y’know, some day, I hope I get good at teaching people things...