0350 - An out. - 2024.06.17



We don't need me to spell out what Lee is doing, right? It's obvious that they know Zoa is unlikely to stick around in the CRCG housing scenario, and they're willing to sacrifice their personal comfort (and money, and time, and space, and even what they perceive as their safety) for the chance that a device they don't own will continue to linger in their proximity, yes? We all know that Lee is not actually making the best decisions for either themself or for Zoa, right?

You might think that this would be a healthier dynamic if Zoa were human. I can tell you that I've seen what that relationship looks like, and no, no it isn't.


0350– 2167/07/07/11:03- Rosenthal College, Phi building, exiting
Zoa (helping Lee along through the moderate crowd): Alright, so we get back to the apartment, you get some lunch and a shower, then I can help you sort through the real estate info Mezzer Twofeather sent, maybe assess the floorplan and then prioritize what to pack.
LC: Right, and don’t forget, we have to read chapters one and two in the lessonbook, and come up with a testable Aristotle experiment before tomorrow’s class.
Zoa: Uh… why would we do that?
LC: Well, like Mezzer Twofeather said, the ink’s not dry yet. Maybe I won’t like the new place. Maybe I’ll want to go with option B, finish the class, take on a full course load next semester…
LC: ...get two complete strangers to live with me…
LC: ...in my home...
[exterior, Zoa collects hoverboots from a drone as they pass]
LC: I’m just thinking, y’know, maybe it would be good for me. Maybe after three months’ worth of exposure therapy, being forced out of my comfort zone, maybe I’ll be ready to take on responsibilities and interact with other people.
Zoa: Well, okay, I guess I can understand the logic of wanting to leave your options open, even if the second option is… suboptimal. Always leave yourself an out.
LC: Exactly! Plus, that way, you can still rake in that Emotional Support Aid cash from the college, right? And you wouldn’t want to move out of the city with the client density, right? So… so you can keep sticking around, right?
LC: ...y’know, like…
LC: ...if you happen to still feel like it?
Zoa: Well, like I said, Lee, you always wanna leave yourself an out.
Zoa: So, uh… we’ll see, mmkay?