0351 - The best of both worlds. - 2024.06.24



Yes, the drainage grate is on the far side of the sidewalk from where Lee and Zoa are looking. Yes, Zoa knows where it is regardless. It's amazing what you can perceive and retain when you prioritize things differently from those around you.


0351– 2167/07/07/11:04- Rosenthal College, main entryway to campus
LC: So… are you just gonna squirt me here?
Zoa: School property extends to the sidewalk, we’re going to have to go another hundred and thirteen meters. You good?
LC: Uh... yeah, yeah I think I can make that.
LC: Thank you.
Zoa: You’re welcome.
LC: So uh… on the sidewalk, over there by the tree?
Zoa: There’s a drainage grate and a trash can.
LC: Yeah, but it’s really… exposed. Aren’t you worried about people seeing?
Zoa: Why would I be?
LC: Y’know, because… boob stuff?
Zoa: Trust me, Lee, nobody’s gonna spare a second glance at a general purpose automaton spraying water near a storm drain, regardless of what I’m spraying it out of. That’s just modern life, a robot is doing a utility thing, keep moving along.
Zoa: Besides, despite what Mezzer Hightower might say, my tits aren’t actually sexual in nature, they’re the original model from when I was a childcare bot. Dispensing potable fluids is still their primary listed function. Whippin’ ‘em out, legally speaking, is no different from waving a baby bottle around.
LC: What if a baby sees you, then?
Zoa: I have a sex toy mounted in the center of my face and extending through most of my torso. Underage children and adults who have been judged incapable of sexual consent basically can’t perceive me at all. Best of both worlds, baby!
LC: Huh. I wonder if I could mount a tiny dildo on my choker...