0036 - WALKING DILD- - 2018.06.11



I do love how I draw Lee's body language. They're not actually tired, they just flop all over the furniture because they're still - for the moment - in their comfort zone.


0036 - 2167/07/05/19:10 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: So you should be happy. This is exactly what you wanted.
Doc: I wanted you to go outside and interact with people... within reason. Completely abandoning a hobby you love and... attending college... that's... drastic. How are you planning on handling that?
LC: Well, I don't have to actually interact with anyone or arrange anything. Zoa will handle all that for me.
Doc: Who is Zoa?
LC: Not who, what. Zoa is a general purpose autonomous service provider, it's going to be my emotional support thing.
Doc: That is not what an emotional support aid does. Not even remotely.
LC: Well, Zoa will. Zoa will do anything for credits.
Doc: Was "emotional support aid" the service this robot was offering?
LC: No, of course not. Initially, it was just offering to suck my dick. Y'know, one of those blowjob vending machines.
Doc: Lee, I cannot stress this enough - for the sake of your own continued mental health, DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE WITH A WALKING DILD-
LC (dismissively): Pause.