0040 - Lee is enrolled. - 2018.07.09



You really gotta be careful what permissions you grant to what app.

Fortunately, there are a lot more established consumer protections in 2167 than we have today - one generally does not see major corporations trying to sneak language into their terms of service that would grant them the ability to sell your data to advertisers or steal perpetual copyright of your photos. Zoa was able to sign Lee up for things not only because it had their verbal permission, but, more importantly, because it had Lee's autonomy and best interests as priorities that were isolated from Zoa's other directives. When you're an AI, you can prove that your actions are well-intentioned - whether they're practical or realistic is another matter entirely.

Oh, and by the way, you don't have to worry about Zoa's cleanliness vis-a-vis cross-contamination of its clientele. In the world of Forward, STIs are vanishingly rare and all quite curable... and, even if they weren't, Zoa's neck assembly does periodically flash the mouthsleeve with ionizing radiation that instantly renders any living bacteria, sperm, or sloughed tissue inside it into a slurry of inert amino acids.

Which is why the permission you really don't want to grant Zoa in the height of passion is "My dick can take it - be as rough as you like."


0040 - 2167/07/06/09:35 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, main entrance
Zoa: Hey, can I come in and use your bathroom real quick? Caught some decent business last night, gotta flush out 'n sterilize the ol' lube tube.
LC: Hnn.
Zoa: Need to actually verbalize the word yes, chief. We've been over this.
LC: Yss.
Zoa (already removing mouthsleeve): Yeah, I went ahead and enrolled you in a bunch of things, including Intro to Western Philosophy. It has "meaning of life" and "determine what is good" right there in the course description, I figured if they couldn't get us what we want, they can at least point us in the right direction.
LC: You... ackshully enrolled me?
Zoa: Of course! Took care of all the paperwork and administrative bullshit, just like I said I would.
LC: Zoa, I... I can't. This is... no. I never agreed to this.
Zoa (flushing out lube tube): What do you mean, you never agreed to this? I was sending you messages all night, and you kept responding back that you trusted my judgement and that I had your permission to go ahead on your behalf. Couldn't have done it otherwise.
LC: Zoa, I was... am... very drunk.
Zoa: Thaaaat would explain why you also kept telling me that you're a big pile of hot garbage and how sad it is that I'm the closest thing you have to a friend.
LC: No, no, that part's accurate.