0043 - New here - 2018.07.30



Back in April of 2017, I got my one thousandth Twitter follower, a user by the name of Katie. I granted Katie a boon (as I do, sometimes), and she requested that I allow her husband to cameo.

Well, Katie, it's been over a year, but this is literally the first strip that features someone who isn't core cast, so here ya go.


0043 - 2167/07/06/09:56 - Rosenthal College, exterior
[establishing shot of Rosenthal College. Self-driving vehicles and drones are as ubiquitous as students]
[shot of LC and Zoa entering the building. Zoa is determined, LC is clearly freaking out]
[shot of LC and Zoa navigating hallways full of students]
random student (to LC): Heyyy, are you new here? I really like your-
Zoa (as though jumping in front of a bullet): YES THEY'RE NEW HERE GLAD YOU LIKE THINGS HAVE A NICE LIFE BYE